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Computerized Data Collection in the Field Campo, California

Since 1995, Chambers Environmental Services, Inc. (CES) has provided environmental and geotechnical services to consultants and property owners throughout the west. Education, training and innovative technologies have put CES on the forefront of investigations, monitoring, and remedial actions at sites from Anchorage, Alaska to Midland, Texas.

Mission Statement
"Chambers Environmental Services, Inc. is dedicated to providing the most accurate and efficient field services and support, at the most competitive rates, in the consulting industry."

CES is based in San Diego, California. From our base, we have provided an array of services throughout the western United States. Specializing in ground water and soil sampling, as well as geotechnical support, CES continues to provide services and expertise to consultants and property owners with specific soil and ground water issues. CES is a fully equipped company, with turnkey capabilities for sampling and monitoring soil and ground water. The staff at CES prides themselves on obtaining accurate, complete data. As such, CES guarantees the data collected to be accurate and complete.

Please take a moment to browse our web site, and feel free to contact us regarding our services and expertise. We look forward to talking with you.

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Dan Chambers, R.E.A.